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Exercises for Toe Pain

Sailee Kale
Toe pain can be quite a nuisance, and people suffering from it may even face difficulty in walking. There are exercises which can alleviate toe pain, if performed daily and on a regular basis.
Toe pain is a common condition experienced by a lot of people. It could either be a constant pain, or occur intermittently for brief spells of time. Apart from injury, causes for toe pain can be attributed to numerous factors, like bunions, corns, calluses, deformed toes, ill-fitting shoes, ingrown toenail, and even gout, which usually affects the big toe.
In case of extreme discomfort, you may have to resort to pain relievers or operative treatment, but regularly performing toe exercises is the safest way to treat the pain, as it can strengthen the muscles of the feet, enhance blood circulation, and ease the suffering.

Exercises to Relieve Toe Pain

► Sit with your legs and feet outstretched. Now spread your toes as far apart as possible. Move your feet in a clockwise direction 10 times, then in an anticlockwise direction 10 times.
► Sit and place you feet on the ground, close together. Wrap a rubber band around both the toes and pull them apart from each other, such that they are pushing against your other toes. Keep them outstretched for 10 seconds, then release. Repeat this exercise 10 times.
► Wrap a rubber band around all five toes, and then try pulling them apart from each other. Hold them outstretched for 10 seconds. Relax. Repeat 10 times.
► Sit and place the foot on the floor and tie a rubber band around the toes. Then stand and at the same time, pull the rubber band towards you, and hold the toes up for 10 seconds and then release. Repeat 10 times. The same can be done by just pulling your affected toe by one hand and holding it there for 10 seconds.
► Similar to the earlier method, sit on the floor with feet outstretched, place a towel around the toes and then pull it towards you. Hold your toes in this outstretched position for 15 seconds, and repeat the exercise 10 times.

► Grasp the affected toe(s) in your hands and pull in all directions, right, left, back, and forth. Repeat this exercise 15 times.
► Sit on a chair with the upper half of your feet placed on a towel. Without lifting or moving your heel, crunch your toes and try to lift the towel off the ground. Release them. Repeat 10 times.
► Sit on a chair, feet firmly on the ground. Keep the big toe on the ground, and lift the remaining toes up in the air, holding them there for 10 seconds. Now repeat with your big toe in the air and the remaining four toes on the ground. Do this alternate set 20 times.
► A slight variation of the exercise earlier, for this one, lift all your toes off the ground all at once, then bring them down one by one, starting from the outermost toe till the innermost big toe. Repeat this 10 times.

► With your feet on the ground, curl your toes inside and hold for 10 seconds, release, and repeat 10 times.
► Insert your fingers in the spaces between your toes, and squeeze the toes together as much as you can. Relax, and repeat the procedure 10 times.

► This exercise will be beneficial for the foot as well. Using your toes and feet, spell the alphabet!
► Place objects like pens, marbles, crumpled paper on the floor. Sit down and try lifting these items off the floor with your toes, one at a time. Pick up 10 different objects with each set of toes.

► Place a tennis or golf ball under arch of your foot, and roll your foot around floor in a clockwise direction 10 times, and in the opposite direction 10 times.
► Exercises which strengthen calf muscles also help to overcome pain in the foot and toe. Stand erect and grasp the back of a chair for support. Keep your feet planted firmly on the ground. Now gradually lift the heels of your feet off the floor till your entire weight is supported by your toes and balls of the feet. 
Stretch till you feel a pull in your calf muscles. Maintain this position for 30 seconds and lower your heels. Repeat 10 times.
► One of the best toe and foot exercises is to walk on sand, barefoot. It strengthens and conditions the foot muscles and acts as an exfoliant.
All these exercises provide relief from painful toe conditions like bunions, gout, and hammer toe. They must be done barefoot, so do not even wear socks while performing them.
Apart from treating the mentioned conditions, these exercises are a great way to get relief from tired, stiff toes, especially if you wear tight-fitting shoes for a major part of the day. Persistent and severe pain should never be ignored, especially if it is accompanied by a tingling, burning sensation, and interferes with walking.
Untreated toe pain can even affect the quality of your life. Visit the doctor for proper guidance and pain management techniques, and wear supportive footwear which can soothe pain and help you lead a better life.