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How to Deal With Irritable Male Syndrome

Priyanka Kosta Sonkushre
Middle-aged men suffer from irritable male syndrome, which is caused by hormonal fluctuations, biochemical changes and stress. Dealing with this syndrome is necessary to maintain a stress-free life for the man as well as the family.
Do you find your husband gloomy, grumpy, impatient, angry, tensed, annoyed, jealous, overworked and stressed these days? If yes, he may be suffering from Irritable Male Syndrome. Given here are ways to deal with this problem so as to make your family life better...
Many middle-aged men reflect a change in behavior by remaining hypersensitive, anxious, frustrated and angry all the time. Sometimes, this kind of behavior is attributed to work-related stress, financial pressures, etc.
However, many a time, it is a result of what is known as irritable male syndrome (IMS), which is also known as andropause. Just as women go through menopause during midlife, many men go through andropause. It brings a not-so-pleasing change in a man's life.
He reflects symptoms like irritability, mood swings, anger, depression, lack of libido, body aches, hypersensitivity, etc. When going through all of these, his behavior towards his family and moreover, his partner becomes disrespectful which creates a lot of tension in his married life.
In spite of taking this problem in a negative way, women must understand the importance of dealing with irritable male syndrome so as to help their husbands and themselves to smoothly sail through this rough phase of life. If your husband is also suffering from this problem, learn what you can do to deal with it.

Dealing with Irritable Male Syndrome

Don't Take it Personally

It is quite possible that your husband might say things which would hurt you a lot. But, don't worry. You have to learn to ignore such things and avoid taking them personally. Neither you, nor he is responsible for the problem he is suffering from. If he falls sick, you don't have to blame yourself for it. Remember, IMS is a condition where the man is emotionally not sound due to changes in the body. Therefore, only those changes are the cause behind it and no one else.

Don't Develop a Point of View

Your husband is already going through a lot and instead of giving him support, if you start pointing out his mistakes all the time, it is definitely going to take him away from you. Do not restrict your sight to what he is doing or how wrongly he is behaving.
Don't create a point of view like, "that's the way you have always been", etc. Rather, look at the bigger picture and ignore his unacceptable behavior because you reacting to something he has done, will only increase friction in the relationship.

Don't Force Him to Change

You may want him to be a gentleman once again, but things don't change overnight. The more you force your hubby to behave in a certain fashion, the more he will try to resist it. Men with IMS tend to avoid social interaction. So, it is better to leave them on their own. Taking your husband to social gatherings or parties forcefully, will not turn him as cheerful and lively as he used to be.

Give Your Hubby His Space

One of the most important ways of dealing with IMS is to give a lot of space to your husband. Let him do what he wants to and stop instructing him about everything. Space will give your husband the time to think peacefully and rationalize his behavior. It is not that he does not understand that his behavior towards you and the family is not right. So, give him time to analyze so that he can figure out what's wrong and try to come out of it.

Take Care of Yourself

When a man is going through IMS, it is obvious that its effects can be seen in his partner as well. Women are often seen to suffer from mental and emotional disturbances because of the unhappiness that has crept into their lives.
However, women must not forget that unless they take care of themselves, they won't be able to support their husbands. Therefore, take care of yourself to remain in a state of well-being so that you can provide all the support your husband needs.

Provide a Testosterone-boosting Diet

The main cause behind IMS is low testosterone levels in the body. Providing a testosterone-boosting diet will help in raising levels of this hormone in your husband's body. So, prepare a lovely feast by including vegetables, rice and lean meat, and serve them with a glass of red wine or a mug of dark beer. Avoid licorice and breath mints as they can lower testosterone levels. Instead, treat him with his favorite dark chocolate as a sweet dish.

Consult a Physician

When things turn sour, it is advisable that you and your partner visit a physician who can identify the severity of the condition and prescribe medications, if required. With right medical intervention, the condition can be brought under control.

Never Lose Hope

It is difficult to handle situations at times, but you should never lose hope. Sometimes, you might feel discouraged as things don't happen the way you want them to be, but keep going. Patience will make you strong and prepare you to tackle the situation in a peaceful manner.
To prevent the suffering caused by IMS, a therapy known as bioidentical hormone therapy is used along with proper fitness regimen and nutrition. This therapy aims to replenish the hormones that have declined in the body. A physician decides whether this therapy is fit for a person or not.
With age, normal levels of hormones in the body start declining and conditions like IMS start appearing. Irritable male syndrome is something you and your husband need to deal with. Give all the love and support to your husband so that he can come out of it easily.