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Partial Dentures Cost

Charlie S
Loss of teeth is a big problem faced by many people these days. Read on to know about the cost of partial dentures and how these dentures can help regain the lost beauty of your smile.
The use of dentures is useful for the replacement of missing teeth in the mouth. If there are no teeth remaining, your dentist will suggest you to have complete dentures. However, when there are some teeth remaining, partial dentures are used. These dentures are made up of porcelain, metals, or resins.
To use them, there must be at least one tooth remaining in both upper and lower jaws. In removable plastic dentures, the replacement teeth are attached to the plastic base, which is pink. The dentures are held properly in the mouth due to the connection between the metal frame and plastic base. It may take a few weeks for the dentist to prepare the dentures.

How Much do Partial Dentures Cost?

➜ The partial dentures can cost anything between US$300 to US$5,000. However, there are many factors, such as the location of your dentist, the kind of dentures you buy, and your dental insurance plan that determine the cost. The cost will increase if your dentist asks you to undergo tooth extractions or removal of the remaining teeth in your mouth.
➜ The cost of high-end or premium dentures, that are available in a metal-like gold instead of the usual acrylic, can be as high as US$4,000 or more. However, the average cost is estimated to be around US$700 to US$1,800.
➜ The cost of flex partial dentures can be between US$900 to US$1500. Having a good and proper dental insurance plan can help you save up to 50 percent of the total expenditure. Finally, the cost varies depending on the kind of dentures you choose to buy.

Some General Information

➜ These dentures are available in different types and there is a difference in the cost. Precision partial dentures are considered to be the most expensive, followed by the semi-precision, and the conventional dentures.
➜ Partial dentures work well in most of the cases, and it is advisable that you check, replace, and reline them from time to time. You will not find it difficult to maintain the dentures, as the cost of repair is affordable even though their price at the time of buying is high.
➜ Though the costs are high, they are very useful for protecting your existing teeth and make the daily activities, such as speaking and chewing food easy.
➜ There are many types of partial dentures for tooth loss, which are removable and available easily. You can opt for flexible framework removable dentures in which the metal is replaced by a material known as 'Valplast', which is very durable. Some other removable partial dentures (RPDs) are Nesbit, the Cusil, cast metal partial denture, and flipper.
Though dentures are known to be very effective, it would be a wise thing to take care of your natural teeth right from childhood. Proper dental care will help maintain your dental health throughout your life.
Disclaimer: This is only for informative purposes and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.